Posted by: Administrator | April 4, 2013

Time Spent

Time Spent
Kathleen Shore

Discarded moments…..

Misplaced hours….

Fade into a life forgotten…. unnoticed…. lost beneath disheveled corners of the soul that mask God’s longing heart for time spent.

Often in desperate need of You I have come bolting through the throne room doors into our secret place, only to find Your eyes of love waiting for me…. You never left. Your abiding presence did not leave me, I was simply caught in the mirage that I was alone and missing out on the abundance of my full inheritance…. right here, right now, in each moment with You.

May it always be remembered that it was You who bolted in on me! Plowing through the doors of my heart and taking my breath away with the way You poured Your love all over me and washed me clean with the blood of Your Son, all so that You could just be with me… and hold me in our time spent.

O let me never again seek outside of You, what I can only find IN You.

And so I run to You my Lord, even though it was You who first came after me. What can I say of my condition, except  “Thank you” for seeking me out, finding me and whispering to me, “You are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1b)

My Savior and Lord, please escort me back to be seated at the table You have prepared for me in the presence of my enemies (Ps. 23: 5a). O Bread of Life, You are the feast. You alone are the remedy for what has been misplaced, unnoticed and disheveled within me. Even my efforts to clean up the mess I have made would only be another distraction and waste of time. My only labor should be maintaining unbroken communion with You.

I love that You just want time spent with me….

I love that You wait for me….

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