Posted by: Administrator | December 5, 2013

A Winter Wonder

A Winter Wonder

by Brenda Flowers

            A snowflake on my windshield spoke to me today; an eye-opening splendor which You, Lord, allowed me to see. Its pattern, its intricacies glistening brightly caught my attention. I marveled at its beauty and thought, “Yes, this is a fine example of God’s artistic creativity.”

I wonder, Lord, at the words, “Not one snowflake is the same.”

I have heard those words several times over the course of my lifetime and my finite mind has questioned the validity but my heart has accepted the words by faith as truth.

I wonder, God, how many snowflakes have you created? That’s a mind-boggling thought! Even now, as I sit in my car and contemplate the complexities of your creation, I realize how, just like the snowflake, each human being is unique and intricately designed. Our creation is so much more valuable than the creation of the snowflakes, yet, I wonder do we humans ever truly fathom the depths, the intricacies of our creation?

David wondered about the mightiness of creation too and praised God with these words, in Psalms 139: 13-18 NKJV

            For You formed my

               inward parts;

            You covered me in my

   mother’s womb.

            I will praise You, for I

   am fearfully and

   wonderfully made,

            Marvelous are Your


            And that my soul knows

   very well.

            My frame was not

   hidden from You,

            When I was made in


            And skillfully wrought in

   the lowest parts of the


            Your eyes saw my

   substance, being yet


            And in Your book they

   all were written,

            The days fashioned for


            When as yet there were

   none of them.

            How precious also are

   Your thoughts of me,

   O God!

            How great is the sum of


            If I should count them,

   they would be more in

   number than the sand,

            When I awake, I am still

   with you.”

What if we humans could accept these words, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, just like we accept the words, “Every snowflake is special and unique”? What a difference that would make in our world! The sanctity of life would be valued. Abortion would not even be considered because all humans would realize that each baby, even just the fertilized embryo full of life, was created for a special purpose by God Himself.

I wonder is it possible for humans to value the beauty, the creation of human beings more than we do the snowflakes on our windshield or the sand at the beach. I am challenged by God to ask this hard question, “Do you value human life?”

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