Posted by: Administrator | March 26, 2014

Power Transferred

                                                                                             Power Transferred

                                                                                                by Brenda D. Flowers

Soaking you in like a solar panel so I can shine out.

Intimate time of warmth and pleasure

Light and Life are touching me.

Union. . . Oneness. . . Internal Life

Leading me anew to hope of Eternal Life.

I rest in these moments.  Refreshed . . .

Ready for daily tasks,

but not alone.

Holy Spirit, You are working in and through me.

Even when I am not aware . . .

You are here. You are there.

Alive in me and pouring out of me

through my touches and my smiles.

Intimate moments of quiet soaking.

These times are where the power is transferred.

Thank you, God, for guiding me to You.

You are my Source, my Lifeline.

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