Posted by: Administrator | February 24, 2015

The Daughter of the King

The Daughter of the King

By Cathy Robinson


I was feeling kind of homesick

As I walked the dusty road

longing for America

while deep in Mexico


My senses were assaulted

By sights and sounds and smells

Where was the God of heaven

In this place that felt like hell?


What had I been thinking

As I flew here on the plane?

Once I left this wretched desert

The people would remain!


Then sadness overwhelmed me

I hadn’t much to give

Lord, I should have sent my money

Just to help these people live!


I can’t make a difference, God

I may as well go home

In the mass of empty faces

I felt helpless and alone


But in that desperate moment

I heard His still, small voice

“I sent you here on my behalf,

Now you must make a choice,”


“You can change your mind,

You can leave right now,

Or you can do what I have asked

And I will show you how!”


I was humbled by the option

So I set my face like flint

I would be His feet and hands

And I was honored to be sent!


And that was when I spotted

A head full of curls

As I peered through the tumbleweed,

I saw the little girl


Who was this little chica?

And who had left their daughter

To live in the deep end

Of a pool that had no water?




Her needs were plain and simple

Yet her needs were all she had

I had never seen a face so young

That looked so tired and sad.


“Hola, Preciosa

Que haces tu aquí?”

“I can’t find my mommy,

Will you be her for me?”


Inside my soul that instant

I cried a thousand tears

But God held back the floodgate

Although my heart was pierced


I saw her through His eyes

And I loved her more than life

As I picked her up and hugged her

She gave a little smile


Then I held her in my arms

As we walked through the night

Until we found the children’s home

Oh, what a blessed sight!


Rancho Los Amigos

Would be a haven to this girl

And hundreds more just like her

In a hard, uncertain world


And that precious little chica?

Well, she is now eighteen

And the light that shines within her

Is amazing to be seen!


And now she goes with confidence

Into her destiny

For she knows that she’s no orphan

She’s the daughter of the King!

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