Posted by: Administrator | February 24, 2015

Walking in the Spirit Testimony

Walking in the Spirit Testimony

by Susie Meyer

The Lord has revealed so much to me regarding my heart and what is truly walking in the Spirit. Every moment may my focus and trust be on The Lord.  He will guide me by His Spirit to reveal His will for me and the lives he gives me to touch.      So often I would turn to anger and frustration, dwelling on what I desired, which is not listening to His ways, but mine.  This is totally selfish and not living by the fruit of the Spirit.      Life is more peaceful and comforting to draw on the Spirit and “walk the walk” with Christ which is ours to choose. The indwelling of Christ gives Him the glory for living the life He has ordained to fulfill His purpose for creating me.

It is my prayer and hope that I continue to grow in Christ and desire what He has chosen for me, not what I choose. I want to be the shining lamp in the darkness and for His glory to shine through me to further His precious kingdom.  My heart is His and I continue to look to Him for His Spirit to live through me for Him.      I have a deep understanding of walking in His Spirit and am refreshed, revived, and more decisive in my daily tasks and encounters with others.

Thank you, Jesus!

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