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Am I a Grumbler?

Am I a Grumbler?

Growing in Christ

by Brenda D. Flowers


This year, I have been intentional about spending more time devoted to reading God’s Word. To grow in Christ in 2015, I knew in my heart the way to do that would be by starting my day in praise, thanksgiving and intimate time with my Lord, reading His story to me and listening to His voice of application.

When I was a little girl, I remember singing this children’s song at Sunday school: “The B-I-B-L-E, Yes, That’s the Book for me.” Just a few weeks ago those words and the melody of the song rose up in me as I was walking outside with my two grandsons. I recall singing the whole song for them and thinking more deeply about the words as I sang, “I stand alone on the word of God, the B-I-B-L-E.” I asked myself, “Am I standing alone on the word of God? Do I really trust God, His message and the many treasures of His Word?”

In 2015, I am reading through the Bible using a chronological Bible dated for this purpose. I am also participating weekly in a community Bible study (Bible Study Fellowship) currently focusing on Moses and the journey of the Israelites. As I have been digging deep into the Pentateuch, the books of the Bible written by Moses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I almost feel like I am reading the words of the Old Testament for the first time with any true understanding. In the past when I read Leviticus or Numbers, I tended to skim over many of the words and I certainly didn’t put any thought into God’s reason for having Moses record all the details of the building of the tabernacle, the ceremonial cleansings, the sacrifices, the numbering of the men eligible for battle, the ordering of the tribes, the importance of God’s glory being in the center of the camp, the repetitions, God’s provision and God’s holiness. I also had never truly paid attention to how much the people, supposedly the followers of God, grumbled or how ungrateful the people were in so many instances, often not long after God had provided miraculously for their needs.

I have been noticing more the consequences of the people’s grumbling. For example, when the twelve spies returned from their mission to inspect the Promised Land in preparation for the Israelites conquest of this land, ten of the twelve spies gave a negative fearful report, which ignited murmurings throughout the camps. Joshua and Caleb were the only spies who professed faith and belief that God would take care of the people and they would be victorious in moving forward to the land of milk and honey promised by the Lord. The consequence of the people’s grumbling and lack of trust in God, was great! The people had to wait forty years to enter the land that was meant to be theirs and all the grumblers died in the wilderness, never to experience the fullness of God’s glory in their lives.

As I have read the words of consequence from a holy loving God as recorded in these Old Testament Scriptures, I am challenged to ask myself, “Am I a grumbler in my personal life?” As an American citizen, born in such a blessed country at this special time in history for a reason, am I appreciative to God for the mission He has given me or am I a grumbler?”

To grow in maturity, I am purposing in my heart to focus on Jesus, my Savior, sent by Father God to rescue me. I know Him personally and am so thankful He is interceding for me and I know He is interceding right now for you. I want Jesus to know how thankful I am for His sacrifice on the cross for me. He was the sacrificial Lamb who took away my sins and the sins of all of mankind once and for all. He has provided a way for you and me to experience His presence in our lives daily. As I face life’s challenges which sometimes seem like giants in my land, I don’t want to profess or emphasize them to my family, friends or community, through words of complaints. I am so thankful there are many examples in God’s Word where God forgave the people when they repented and sought Him. I want to have a repentant heart, ready to face the unknown with confidence, knowing God is with me. I am learning more and more how much my words matter and how crucial it is for me to guard my thoughts and what I say.

God has His Kingdom promises for us, His children, as we are being matured to be His bride. To experience His promises, we must fully trust Him and not focus on the possible problems in our future. Let’s prepare together.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your Holy Bible. Thank You for its everlasting truths and for revealing Your great love to us. May we focus our eyes on You, Jesus, in 2015 and follow You in all Your ways for You are the way to righteousness and victorious living. It is in Your Holy name, we pray. Amen.


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