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Maturing In Christ

Maturing in Christ

Challenge:  Read His Words Aloud

by Brenda D. Flowers

Several weeks ago, I had several light bulbs go out at the same time. I thought it was rather strange but reasoned I had purchased them a long time ago and it was probably time for them to go out. After several minutes of searching for light bulbs to no avail, I made a special trip to the store. After over an hour, I returned and replaced the bulbs. When I turned on the switch, nothing happened. It was then when I finally realized the lights had not come on because the circuit connection had been broken and all I had to do was go down to the basement to move the switch of the circuit breaker to its correct position. Once that was done the electrical power was able to flow freely and the light bulbs all came on. My trip to the store had been a waste of time.

Not long after that experience, I was doing my morning Bible study.[1] The verse at the top of that day’s lesson was Revelation 1: 3 (NIV)

Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

After reading over the verse a couple of times silently, it was as if the word aloud was shining. Light bulbs lit up in my brain and in my heart. It was at that moment that I realized God wants me to read His words aloud, especially Revelation. He also wants me to read His word so they are heard by others. Why?

It occurred to me that by reading the words aloud even when alone, I would also be hearing His words and there was blessing which would come from taking His words to heart. By taking that action, it is like the circuit connection switch is turned on. God’s power is alive in His spoken word. As I speak His words, they enlighten me with His truths. I am empowered by His Holy Spirit flowing through the wave lengths of the spoken word to live out His words in my everyday life with joy and fulfillment.

When I worked as a special educator, I taught reading to young children. Sometimes, I had my students read aloud in a curved PVC pipe which went from their mouths to their ears. This was a research based strategy I had been taught to help reluctant readers improve their reading. Honestly, I don’t know exactly how this procedure helped them. Some how by hearing the words as they read them aloud and by reading passages over and over, their fluency improved and they developed a joy in reading aloud.

To do a little more research for this article, I asked Siri on my smart phone to search for the topic “Reading Aloud God’s Word”. Her immediate reply was, “It’s all a mystery to me.” I laughed to myself and thought how true. The light that comes from reading God’s word aloud, hearing it and taking it to heart is a mystery!

This quote from St. Therese of Lisieux may reveal some of the answer to the mystery:

“I know Christ dwells within me all the time, guiding me and inspiring me whenever I do or say anything. A light, of which I caught no glimmer before, comes to me at the very moment when it is needed.” [2]

In the coming days I challenge us all to not only read God’s words silently but spend time reading the Bible aloud, certainly if studying Revelation. I look forward to hearing about the truths God reveals to you by His Spirit.

There truly is a divine connection.

[1] Currently I am studying Revelation using the lessons prepared by Bible Study Fellowship International (See for more information.)

[2] The Women’s Study Bible, 2nd Edition Copyright 1995, 2006 by Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1560


  1. Wow! I may start reading ALOUD more!

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