Posted by: judyhitson | February 10, 2016

Born of God by Kathleen Shore

I John 5:4 NIV For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.

      I cannot get you off my mind since last month when I wrote to you of Father’s encouragement to us, that we who belong to Him are the evidence of HIM. When we simply believe, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God…given, pierced, and poured out for us…in love of us, we are ‘born of God’.
As I think of you amidst various circumstances in this earthly time of preparation, I pray you are abiding in Him – The Vine…living and dwelling in the life-giving secret place of His presence; in total belief of Him, right in the face of that which is contrary and not yet reconciled.
If we are ‘born of God’, His presence is where we belong. It is home. But when we live as His children, outside of this place prepared for us, we begin to show the effects of our desperate need for Him and what we were born for.
Think of the entirety this small phrase, ‘born of God’ touches.
Now take a moment in this exercise to find where you are at in the declaration of being, ‘born of God’.
– Go with Father to a mirror and look at yourself. Yes, right now…
– When you see yourself, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Self hatred? All your mistakes? Voices that agree with the way people treat you? Things you heard from others as a child?
So in your thoughts, are you living ‘born of God’?
With the enemy exposed, bow on your knees in acceptance of Father’s love. Let Him wash over you and begin to restore you back to being ‘born of God’. With your sights solely upon Him, picture Him – your original design, feel the absorption and warmth of The Light of Life. Remember, He is the vision that without it we are all perishing. Just begin to say, “yes” to His good pleasure in creating you and you will begin to believe, not just for what is outside of you, but even for the completed work in you!
~ What is born of God in us: was spoken into being long before the earth was made. This truth of you cannot be avoided, voided, or return to Him incomplete. He must finish the amazing gift of YOU!
~ What is born of God in us: overcomes the world around us and within us causing a rest within, and giving the Holy Spirit free movement and control.
~ What is born of God in us: cannot be shaken in the midst of pain and suffering, upheaval and destruction.
~ What is born of God in us: grows when we feed it.
All this and more comes from the power of His resurrection life. If we desire to walk in it, we must throw off every hindrance that would so easily entangle what was ‘born of God’ in us. So come to Father God and let Him make you brand new.

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