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Crown of Glory

Crown of Glory
by Judy Hitson

Hebrews 2: 9 NASB
But we do see Him who was made for a little while lower than the angels,
namely, Jesus, because of the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor,
so that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone.

1 Peter 5:4 NASB
And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.

Regard the crown of glory, first for Jesus and second for us. We can understand glory in Christ’s suffering and blessings for those who sacrifice worldly living for the sake of Christ. The world tells us to look out for #1, ourselves. The word of God tells us to know Jesus Christ as first love. Meditate and receive deeper understanding from Hebrews 2 and 1 Peter 5.

Consider the profound impact of Christ’s incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus was born of God to a virgin to die that we might live through Him. He became like us that we might become like Him by His Spirit who gives life.

Warren W. Wiersbe writes in The Bible Exposition Commentary* on Hebrews about the superiority of Jesus Christ over angels and His Deity. He writes, “His humanity enabled Him to regain man’s lost dominion,” Heb.2:5-9, quotation from Ps.8:4-6.

From The Bible Knowledge Commentary by Dallas Seminary Faculty, another confirmation, “Jesus became a man in order to die, Heb.2:9.” The Incarnation is key to understand the preeminence of Jesus Christ, crowned with glory because of His death.

Let us discern the reward of a crown of glory, choosing to fully follow Christ in Spirit, truth and His love. He is worthy of all our love, allegiance and worship.

The hymn, “Crown Him with Many Crowns” came to mind. It can be found on You Tube. The video with music and lyrics can revive our soul in Christ.

Revelation and understanding in the Spirit is available for us as we spend time with our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ in His presence, His word, in prayer and fellowship. He opens the eyes of our understanding as we relinquish our ways for His.

In 1 Peter 5, elders are exhorted to serve God voluntarily. Not by self righteousness and self effort as an exercise of religious activity, but sacrificially through an intimate love relationship with Jesus Christ, empowered by His Spirit.

Paul wrote in Phil.4:1 Therefore, my beloved brethren whom I long to see, my joy and my crown, so stand firm in the Lord, my beloved.  Like Paul, we can see the eternal reward of those we lead to Christ, those we disciple in Christ as our crown.

Do you cherish those you bring to Christ as your crown?

Will you say no to earthly desires for the sake of Christ Jesus?

Warren Wiersbe wrote*, “We lead by serving, and we serve by suffering. This is the way Jesus did it, and this is the only way that truly glorified Him.” (on I Peter 5:4)

Prayer: Lord, I ask deeper revelation and understanding on the crown of glory. Help me walk in light of it by Your Spirit. In Your name Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


  1. Thank you, Judy, for the way you encourage me to dig deeper in the Scriptures. I’m praying this blog post reaches many people. Your words spoke to my heart.

    I’m thankful for our opportunity to share the gospel.

    • Blessings as we go deeper with the Lord.

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