Posted by: judyhitson | October 12, 2016

Crown Him As King

Crown Him As King
by Kathleen Shore

Like a broken record stuck on one phrase of a song, repeating it over and over, I continued to hear the whisper of my spirit to Holy Spirit saying,
“Let my life crown you as King. Let my life crown you.”

I finally began to repeat it, even singing it aloud in agreement because it would not leave me. As I heard the words out of my mouth, there came a realization that Holy Spirit was awakening me to join the hosts of heaven in voicing, “We crown you King!”

Two weeks passed with this phrase ringing in my ears, all the while a deep well was being dug inside of me. Thirsty to be filled I began to ponder,

How do I crown Him with my life?

Soon after, Father answered me in my sleep and showed me things of my life that crown Him…that bring Him pleasure, things that are a pleasing sacrifice lifted up to Him from my little vessel of His presence.

To add to my amazement, not one of these things were any of my ‘doings’.
All of them were the Christ-likeness produced out of my ‘being’ that rose up like resurrection life, as death to self took place in me again and again through surrender to my Lord.

There were quiet internal places of choosing Him over my attitude, my thoughts, my emotions, my opinions, and my judgments. There were external places of choosing my Prince of Peace over what the enemy was stirring up around me. It was His pleasure in my choosing to ‘abide’…to ‘be still and know’…to follow Him behind the veil that was torn from top to bottom by the Way of the cross and drink from the intimacy with Him instead of living in the chains of my circumstances.

We crown Him King with our lives as we willfully reach for His likeness as our identity instead of the counterfeit of earthly gain. Here, the capacity of our vessel is widened for more of Him. It is also here that the glory of God overlays us, simple earthen wear, with His glory-gold and HIS heart is satisfied. He is our proud Abba Father, lifting us up for all to see the glory due His name.

Take time to wait upon the Lord and let Him build you up with the revelation of how your life crowns Him – as your King. May our desire be, to satisfy the longing of His heart. My life, your life, ‘rested’ down upon Him, overlaid with gold…crowning Him King!

You are beautiful in His sight. Now let us live with God’s eye view.

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