Posted by: judyhitson | December 20, 2017

Rest to Reign

Rest to Reign
by Judy Hitson

Psalm 37:7a NKJV  Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him;

When the Lord first spoke to me from His word on rest, I didn’t realize it was a life-long lesson. Deeper still, I continue to learn from our key verse to rest in Him and wait patiently for Him. What He revealed to me was the importance of waiting to hear Him speak to me on matters that concerned me. He promises in Psalm 138:8 that He will take care of that which concerns us. That is all the more reason for us to position our soul (our mind, will and emotions)  to rest in His presence and wait to hear Him.

At first, I thought resting and waiting on the LORD were spiritual exercises in quiet time, hear Him speak and be on our way to follow Him. Yet those of us who learned to rest and wait on the Lord, also discover He may answer at the time or it might take days, months, even years. He develops His character in us that we learn to rest in Him to reign with Him.

As children of God, we each have a place to rule and reign with Him on earth as it is in heaven. I hear, “Come up here.” These words found in Revelation 4:1 are also for us today. God wants us to experience open heavens. We are seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6. Let us take our place seated with Him to live and walk in the Spirit day by day.

As we rest in the LORD and wait, let us remember His promise, My sheep hear My voice, John 10:27. Many books written on this topic are helpful. The best book and teaching for me is by Mark Virkler, “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. Quiet down, focus on Jesus, tune to spontaneity (the flow of the Spirit) and journal (write it down). We are to hold the words of life spoken to us in the place of rest in the Lord to reign with Him from the kingdom place He has for each of us.

Prayer: God, our Father in heaven, bless us Your children with kingdom rest to reign with You through Jesus Christ by Your Spirit giving us life to live Christ day by day until He returns. Amen.

Interested? A new book I purchased and look forward to reading:
Called to Reign by Leif Hetland

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