Posted by: judyhitson | January 23, 2019

God’s Nature of Rest

God’s Nature Of Rest
by Kathleen Shore

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Ps 91:1 NIV

Before we begin combing scripture to learn all we can about ‘rest’, we must first come to realize that ‘rest’ is the very nature of God. Made in His image, we are to cultivate this characteristic of ‘rest’ as a part of who we are, in our being…not a list of doings. As we cultivate this internal posture of ‘rest’ within us, we are giving God His rightful resting place, the place He longs to dwell.

There are many good things in His word that speak to us of ‘rest’. However, these are meant to align us with God’s character of ‘rest’. They bring us into the revelation of knowing Him and becoming more like Him. If we are not careful, we will begin by “trying” to find rest in our doings…instead of learning of His nature as who we were made to “be”.

God paved His divine nature of ‘rest’ into everything He made.

From the very beginning, He began with emptiness…a great void out of which all life emerged simply at the sound of His voice.

This empty was deep with purpose and the promise of life. An emptiness that was not barren but pregnant, with the very seed of God. This empty (or void) was the restful assurance of His nature that was full of the perfect love within the trinity. God wants us to recognize HIM, before all that He made…

Learning to live and grow in His Divine Nature of Rest will pave in us the most intimate and infinite relationship with God…literally, no limits. It is a place that is both completely empty of self which ushers in the full Power of God, living and dwelling in us.

So as we begin this journey in 2019 down the path of to know God’s nature of rest as a part of who we were made to be, are you willing to live empty of that which clutters and fills up the capacity within you that was designed to be His resting place?

Father, thank You for sending Your Son, so that I would have the gift of living and dwelling in Your presence here on earth. Your presence, provided for me through the death and resurrection of Jesus, is my resting place. I want to go deeper with You, Lord. Take me deeper into You…

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