Posted by: judyhitson | March 6, 2019

Enter God’s Rest

Enter God’s Rest
by Judy Hitson

Mark 6:31a NLT Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.”

To enter God’s rest, it takes time. It takes practice. It takes focused attention on Him. Let us not come short of it as we are exhorted in Heb.4:1.

“It takes time to be apart – to replenish not only our physical strength, but also our spiritual and emotional well being.” (Kate R. Thomas)

What is God’s rest?

Is it not a place of peace in His presence by His Spirit?

To be honest, I thought I understood how to enter God’s rest and mature to maintain that place of rest in Him. Sensing the Lord’s call to write on this topic from experience, I return to the basics. Yet, doubts attempt to dismantle what the Lord taught me. The question from the serpent in Gen.3:1 comes to mind, “Did God really say…..?”

I hear, “Dispel the darkness when doubt knocks at the door of your mind. Listen and sing the lyrics of  “Jesus, I Am Resting”.”

In following that word, I let faith arise and enter God’s rest, secure in Him.

Yes going off with Jesus to a quiet place to rest awhile is key for us to enter His rest. To experience it, we need discernment of the enemy’s subtlety versus the peace of Christ. When we go with Jesus to a quiet place, we discover we may enter His rest in quiet or amid busy circumstances as we find in Mark 6.

Come with me a moment.
Be quiet.
Take a deep breath of Holy Spirit.
Experience His presence. He is here.
Bask in His love, joy and peace to enter God’s rest.
Be refreshed, renewed and revived by the Spirit of God in you.

That spiritual exercise takes but a moment to acknowledge the Lord, our need to be filled with His Spirit and our need to be rid of enemies of the flesh, world and devil. This is what I’ve learned as a divine exchange. Let us not be trapped in our human understanding to live life but rather rely on the Lord our God, Jesus Christ. Then we can enter His rest, assured of His presence and peace regardless of our circumstances. Peace, be still! These words the Lord spoke to the sea in the storm, Mk.4:39.

Prayer: Thank You Lord. There is a rest for the people of God. Amen.

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