Posted by: judyhitson | July 1, 2019

God’s Rest from Adversity

God’s Rest from Adversity
by Judy Hitson

Psalm 94:13 NKJV That You may give him rest from the days of adversity until the pit is dug for the wicked.

Rest in the Lord, He will take care of you in days of adversity. My husband and I discovered this following a hit and run accident. Driving home from a road trip to visit family, a car attempted to speed in front of us. There wasn’t room! As a result that driver hit our car into the highway’s cement median divide while speeding ahead and not return to the scene of the accident. Though my husband’s airbags deployed, he hit his head and blacked out briefly with the thrust of impact on his driver side of the car against the cement divide. Miraculously, we walked away from our vehicle. The people behind us were kind to stop, call the police and ask how they could help us. We didn’t realize the toll this accident would take on my husband’s health from the head injury. Our car was totaled, we needed to rent a car and seek medical attention but God’s peace and presence were with us.

We remained calm through this adversity. It was like God’s peace in a storm. The initial medical care we received was Chiropractic adjustments for neck and back pain we both experienced. Weeks later  my husband began to manifest changes from the head injury with short term memory loss and cognitive decline. Our family physician determined he had a concussion and needed to see a Neurologist. This led to further testing with physical, occupational and speech therapists that resulted in lifestyle changes. My husband can no longer drive or manage the checking account. Our youngest son said, “Dad, you helped Mom all these years. Now she will help you.” Learning cognitive decline can be reversed, we followed recommendations of a relative. Through natural medicine with supplements and dietary changes, my husband had some improvement. Through prayer God reveals His ways for us. Through God’s provisions, we experience His love and care for us. Through God’s peace and guidance, we experience His rest from days of adversity.

Prayer: Thank You God for Your rest from adversity. Thank You LORD for blessing us with Your instructions and teaching us out of Your law, Ps. 94:12. Thank You that You are with us by day and by night. Amen.


  1. This is an awesome article! Thank you for sharing this…
    God is with you and He is for you!
    May God continue to work in both your lives as you share His sustaining presence and peace with others through your writings!

    • Thank you for reading the blog Roze

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