Posted by: judyhitson | October 7, 2019

Rest, Relax, Don’t Run

Rest, Relax, Don’t Run
by Judy Hitson

Psalm 62:5 NIV Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from Him.

Do you experience times when you want to run away from situations in your life?

The most recent experience for me was with Christian Writers Circle. Though the Lord spoke for us to write on “Rest in the Lord” this year, I have battled negative thoughts for lack of attendance. Asking the Lord if this small group was to end,  I said, Lord we can’t have a circle with just the two of us.

The words, “Rest, Relax, Don’t Run” were shared by a man from an interpretation of his dream. These words spoke to my heart as God’s word to me in regards to Christian Writers Circle. I heard: “I am with you always. I am with you in this time of drought as it seems in attendance.” Then I found a note I wrote with Ps. 62:5NIV. It emotionally affected me that the Psalmist speaks to his soul (his mind, will and emotions). This gripped my heart to speak to my soul and find rest in God where my hope comes from. I asked myself: What does my heart desire? It is to write what the Lord speaks to me and what He teaches me to help others as well as myself.

With unrest, anxiety and violence manifesting on the earth, let us look to the Lord who offers us His rest. How awesome and amazing He is.

Getting into the rhythm of resting in the Lord is beneficial for our spirit, soul and body. When this rest is disturbed, it brings us to face our humanness. Our spirit may desire to continually rest in the Lord. This  will come to fullness when we are in our glorified body.

For now confessing our sins, receiving forgiveness from the Lord and forgiving ourselves are key for true repentance to return to rest in the Lord.

One day as people of God, we will know His rest 24/7. Now our lives may be caught off guard in our walk in the Spirit that rattles our soul. In these times let us speak to our soul to find rest in God where our hope comes from. Let us rest, relax and not run.

Praise and thanksgiving for rest in You Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God. Amen.


  1. This is so real and true! Thank you for sharing with us all!

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