Posted by: judyhitson | December 7, 2020

Assurance of a Great Inheritance

Assurance of a Great Inheritance
I know that I know that I know
by Brenda D. Flowers

Titus 2:11 NIV For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.

During this special time of year, many of us will be given opportunities to talk with neighbors, friends and family members whom we have not seen in a long time. Our conversations may stay at the surface level with chitchat about our lives and world events. Or our interchanges with the people God puts in our path could be life changing.

On this website in 2020, we have been writing about the topic of our inheritance in Christ. God has downloaded inspirational messages which I pray have blessed you. My hope is that our writings have also challenged you.

Deep down, do you personally have the assurance of your great eternal inheritance in knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord?

The Bible is clear… we are in a very special period in earthly history…the Age of Grace or the Church Age. Do we realize the urgency of our day as this age is coming to an end?

God has revealed His great lovingkindness through His gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us to His truth and through the fulfillment of His promise to send the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, the Promised One.

In this Age, when one seeks the Lord sincerely, he will find Him. Search the Scriptures to see.

Jeremiah 29:13 NKJV And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

When we trust God in faith, believing and understanding His beautiful redemption plan through Jesus, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit. God’s promises are true. God is faithful. By searching and studying the Bible and the testimonies of people of faith, we can be assured that God’s Word is true.

As we trust God with our whole hearts, following His Way, we know without a doubt that we are His children. We then can confidently share with our loved ones and neighbors the hope we find in Jesus, empowered by His Spirit to speak with loving boldness.

God has prepared a wonderful inheritance for us who follow Jesus.

Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son. (John 3:16)

Jesus loves me this I know…
And He loves you.

When we see a manger scene or beautifully wrapped gifts this Christmas, may we take the time to thank God for His special gifts to us.

May we realize the best gift we can give to others is the Gospel message Jesus commissioned us to share, remembering He is with us as we share.

Col. 1: 27c (NKJV) Christ in you, the hope of glory is a life verse on which I stand.

Prayer: Abba, thank You for loving us so much that You prepared a way for us to be restored to You. We honor You. Hallowed be Your name. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven as we obediently seek Your daily guidance, confess our sins and struggles, and choose to follow Jesus. Praise You for giving us Your Spirit to help us. We are truly blessed by You. Amen

Let’s bless the Lord and others by sharing our testimonies of faith.


  1. Christ in us being the hope of glory is what gives me hope. This is the answer for getting our minds and conversations off of the surface level and we must pray use this Spirit inside of us so that we do not do things in our own strength. – great point Brenda

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