Posted by: judyhitson | March 22, 2021

Fire and Power of God

Fire and Power of God
by Judy Hitson

Matthew 28:18 KJV And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Quiet down a moment.
Consider now as a Christian, “Christ in you the hope of glory,” Col. 1:27.
Think about it. With Christ in you, all power is given to you through Christ in heaven and in earth.
Let that sink in.
Getting hold of this spiritual truth is powerful, for you and for all of us in the body of Christ.

Recently, I was startled to walk in the kitchen and find flames of fire rising from an iron skillet with burning bacon and grease. How foolish of me to think I could leave the room and return to turn over the bacon. I screamed out, “Jesus! Help! Fire! Have mercy on me!”

I heard the word, “Smother!” 

In a flash, I placed the closest thing, a plastic plate, to cover the skillet. I reached in the cabinet under the stove to get a lid big enough to cover the skillet. The plastic plate was burning, flames were escaping.

This experience was frightening and a challenge to smother the fire with a lid while pulling out the burnt plastic plate. All the while I drew close to the Lord, crying out for His guidance.

Smoke filled the kitchen and went through the house with the foul odor of burning plastic and grease.

Praise God for His mercy and power to help me and spare us of a house fire.

My husband and I cleaned the mess and cleared the air with fans and open doors. In a few hours the smoke was gone. However, our grandchildren arrived to spend the afternoon with us and asked what smelled so bad.
We didn’t notice it, but realized the foul odor lingered for others to notice.

It came to mind that we may have spiritual fires to put out. Examples in my life are fires of anxiety, fears, doubts and anger. Each time, by faith, I call on the Lord for His peace. He answers by His Spirit of power, love and sound mind to put these fires out.

By the Holy Spirit, we can experience the power of God in our lives day by day, moment by moment. Let us keep our focus on our Lord and God, Jesus Christ. He hears and answers our prayers.

Prayer: Father in heaven, praise and thanksgiving to You in Jesus name for Your power to put out fires in our lives by Your Spirit. Amen.


  1. Loved, loved, loved this!!! So happy you and Jack and God got it under control! Love, Cathy

  2. Wow! Gods amazing guidance and protection!

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