Posted by: Administrator | November 9, 2022

Freedom within Safe Boundaries

Freedom within Safe Boundaries
by Brenda D. Flowers

Lord, you are my portion and my cup of blessing; you hold my future. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; … (Psalm 16: 5-6a, CSB)

I recall when I was a child how my mother would let my sister and me play freely in the back of our apartment building in Cincinnati, Ohio as long as we stayed in the designated area which she considered safe. She watched us from a distance; but if we wandered out of the predetermined play area, she would come to us to stop our play for a time out. If we were disrespectful to her,  we no longer had the freedom to play outside at all that day.

Most caring parents or teachers realize the value of setting and enforcing boundaries for their children or students.

When I taught school, I often had recess duty, being responsible to watch several classes of young students as they played freely. I was very thankful for the fence around the playground to protect the students from going too close to the busy road nearby. The fence helped keep the children safe.

Children’s understanding of the reason for house, school or playground rules is essential for maturation to occur. Children show maturity by learning to respect boundaries.

Some children learn the benefits of staying within safe boundaries more quickly than others and earn greater freedom as a result. Others disrespectfully challenge boundaries and suffer consequences or great loss of freedom.

Our Heavenly Father knows our need for guidance and boundaries. He loves us so much He has given us moral rules to follow and safe places to dwell. When people ignore or disobey His Word, their freedoms are limited or sometimes totally removed. God disciplines out of love.

God wants people to see the freedom we gain as we trust Him and the safe places He provides for us. He wants us to mature as His sons and daughters, developing His character.

I see so many people in our culture who are challenging God’s clear boundaries. I pray they realize the error of their ways and will turn in repentance to the safe place God has prepared for them, a place guarded by Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Freedom does not exist when anarchy exists. Safe boundaries are for our good.

I am thankful God has prepared a safe place for us to dwell. We can trust Him.

Our Heavenly Father rewards His faithful children with greater freedom and responsibility. One day, we will reign with Jesus in His glorious Kingdom.

 Praise the Lord!


  1. Let us dwell safely “neath the shadow of His protective wings!”

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