Posted by: Administrator | April 4, 2013

It Is Time

It Is Time
Kathleen Shore

The rhythm of the clock whispers to me, “Wait, wait, wait upon the Lord…. Wait, wait, wait upon the Lord….” And I hear Father’s voice join in its rhythm. “Stay in step with me, “ He says, “like dancing to the rhythm of the clock, the rhythm of my heartbeat. For blessed are all those who wait for me.”

It is time…. to live every moment as though it were our last. For we know not the day or the hour,

but must discern the times and the seasons.

It is time…. to fix our eyes like never before on His gaze of love for us and let go of all that

distracts and so easily entangles.

It is time…. to know what “the kingdom of heaven is like” and run like a child, after Him in it.

It is time…. to know Him in total silence, more assuredly than in profound recognition of His


It is time…. to believe, in the face of all that seems contrary to His truth and rest in the timing of

His movement.

It is time…. to simply abide in Him, and He in us, that our secret place with Him would be

our contagious desire, our only want.

It is time…. to be satisfied with Jesus alone as our full reward.

Let nothing steal the joy and peace…. His outpouring that fills each one who will wait.

“He who waits upon the Lord will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.” “Wait…. Wait I say, upon the Lord…. more than watchman wait for the morning.” With expectation and joyful hope, wait for the Light of the world to dawn Himself in every hardship, every painful circumstance and depleted desert place…. wait for Him. It is persevering through these very moments that will bring us into the fullness of our inheritance and His glory displayed like gold overlaying us, His Ark of Testimony.

He is right here….

He has not gone anywhere….

And His timing is perfect to answer our cry for help.

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