Posted by: Administrator | April 4, 2013


by Judy Hitson

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 NKJV To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven,

     If you are not familiar with this chapter in the Bible, it would be worth your time to read and prayerfully consider it. It is one of my favorite Scriptural passages to think about in regards to the seasons of life and our time on earth. Last year we wrote a topic for four seasons. This year we will write on the topic of time. We hear of time management, time planners, and so forth. In Christian Writers Circle we share on time from perspectives on our hearts and invite you, our readers, to ponder with us. May the Lord help each of us to use our time wisely, to give Him pleasure and be at peace that we may follow as He leads us.

Let us use our time according to our gifts and callings from God. He fashioned us in unique ways for different purposes. Isn’t it good to know God made you unique, different than anyone else. In some ways, we find common ground to make wise use of our time that would be helpful to share with each other. For example, as Christians, some of us might prefer to have a quiet time with God in the early morning while others prefer to have a special time with God in the evening. Though the Lord may have me up with Him at night, for the most part I like to rise early in the morning and spend time in God’s presence in prayer, in His word and in fellowship with Him to start my day. You might have a few verses God’s given you that spoke to your heart for when you come aside with Him each day. The verses significant for me are Mark 1: 35 and Psalm 5: 3 which refer to being with God in the morning.

It seems I veer to a specific topic of “Quiet Time,” as we start the New Year of 2013. Do you have a daily quiet time with God? Do you have a favorite time of day you draw aside with God? This may be something dear to your heart and we could learn from your experience on this topic or it may be a new idea to you. Whatever the case, join us Christian writers as we write on the topic of time. We would appreciate your comments and begin a dialogue with you.

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