Posted by: Administrator | August 11, 2013

Time To Prepare

Time to Prepare
by Judy Hitson

Be alert and aware
We are going somewhere.
For a trip you pack
and see nothing you lack.

Minutes, hours and a day
Some say, Come what may.
Now is your time on earth
How have you lived since birth?

This is not all there is.
It is not about the latest biz.
There is more to consider.
How you live does matter.

There is a heaven and hell.
We are told to go and tell.
The Kingdom of God is upon you.
Through Christ be made new.

How, you say to me.
First, bow the knee.
He is Most High.
It is truth, not a lie.

Think of eternal things.
Know what eternity brings.
Jesus will return.
There is much to learn.

God is right and fair.
To Him, you will answer.
He sent His only Son for you,
to make you brand new.

We must prepare for tomorrow.
Time we cannot borrow.
It is time to prepare.
We are going somewhere

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