Posted by: Administrator | August 11, 2013

Time To Stand

Time to Stand
by Brenda Flowers

We often hear about George Washington
and the greatness of this man.
He sought the Lord for wisdom
and God helped him to stand.

Yet behind the scene of Valley Forge
much more was going on.
Martha and others were praying,
crying out for battles to be won.

The mothers’ prayers were key.
Their cries were heard by God.
Our forefathers we should honor.
Our mothers we should laud.

Loving mothers sent their husbands
and their sons; a great sacrifice.
They faced the foes of justice.
Their bravery great against vice.

Our nation was founded by men
and women following God’s lead.
It took the sacrifice of all.
On their knees, they did plead.

America’s victory was Divine.
Ordained by God before it was won.
The people sought God’s will,
Stepped out in faith and knew God’s Son.

Fathers and mothers, ask yourselves,
Are you seeking the God they knew?
Do you know God’s leading and His ways?
Is America important to you?

God loved this country before its birth.
He orchestrated the events to follow.
God worked through willing men and women
to create this country we all know.

It is time to rise up as citizens.
to awake to God’s purpose here.
Fathers and mothers, cry out to God.
Search your hearts. Seek God without fear.

We are a nation founded by God.
And He has a purpose for us even now.
Let us seek His will to know His plan.
May we be brave. He will show us how.

We are entering an age of challenge.
Evil forces and deception abound.
The truth of His Word is challenged.
By seeking God, His ways will be found.

Arise, Americans, from your sleep.
Arise to the call destined for you.
Arise, Americans, hear the trumpet.
Embrace the purpose our founders knew.

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord.
Pray for forgiveness and direction.
Sacrifice your selfish desires.
Speak out loud, “Thy will be done.”

Our future depends upon people
willing to obey and follow God’s lead.
In humbleness, through heartfelt prayers
Victory over darkness, we will see.

Oh! Beautiful, America, my  beloved country.
God, please shed Your Grace on thee.
May I humbly trust Your Word
and live a life You call worthy.

God, I am thankful to be alive now
to be here in this time of history.
I hear Your call and I am challenged.
Please lead me  with clarity.

May I spend time in prayer seeking You.
as George and Martha did long ago.
May I hear Your voice and be guided.
Your protection, then I will know.

For, God, Your ways are higher than mine.
Your purposes on earth are great!
May I as an American citizen
take the time to pray and wait.

You will guide me and others
as citizens of this great land.
For your calling has been sounded.
Now is the time for us to stand!


God, how do you want me to stand?

Stand against the lies of the enemy.










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