Posted by: Administrator | November 14, 2014

What Are You Saying This Day?

by Brenda D. Flowers

            What are You saying this day, Lord? I hear all the discussions on the news about what is needed to improve our homes, our schools, our government and our world. I realize there is not anything we can do in our own human power to improve our lives. We need you!

Dear God, You are our source. As the flowers and plants need the sun, we need Your Son in our lives. Jesus’ resurrected life is the rejuvenating life we need this day. When we trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord, Your Holy Spirit renews us and regeneration occurs. Our hearts, our minds, and our cells are new creations. We are powerful in Christ, bound in unity with Him in a way that our human words cannot describe. Our understanding here on earth is limited. We are new creations, transformed beings, when through faith we ask Jesus to be our Savior.

The world should see the change in our lives. We are change agents, purposeful created beings, living NOW for a reason. May we Christians WAKE UP to the light of Revelation and live as though we are transformed with purpose.

Oh, God, please forgive us for not plugging in daily to You, our source of energy and our hope. We are like rechargeable batteries, charged beings in a way. Our battery, our life, must get charged daily to truly live in power.

This morning, before I came to You, Lord, I was feeling weak and drained. If I am truly honest, after hearing and reading the World news, I was feeling a little fearful, too. But now, in quiet, I sit focusing on You, Jesus, and as I sing praises and express thanksgiving for my many blessings, I am feeling hope arise within me. I am being charged for this day, just this day.

Lord, awaken us all this day and may we truly experience new life, even more powerful than the day before. Bring your supernatural energy to our fleshly bodies.  Thank You, Jesus, for Your intercession for Your body, the church. I, with my will, choose to trust You as my source. I am plugging into You. Thank You for all I am and help me to realize as I humble myself, You are my strength. Then I will live in Your will, strong, courageous and will make a difference in this world.


  1. Wow! Brenda, your revelation on Intimacy with God is truly a blessing, along with your friends of the group. Keep inspiring as God downloads! Blessings!

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