Posted by: Administrator | December 29, 2014

No Longer a Blank Page- Journaling to Intimacy

by Brenda D. Flowers

A blank page
A willing listener
Focusing on my Savior
Ready to receive His words
Anticipating direction.

Stilling myself
My body and my mind
Taking my attention away from
Worries, fears and my solutions
I wait.

I thank you, my God,
For the blank page and this new day
Preconceptions flee
As I turn fully
To You.

O quiet time,
Precious morning time
With My Savior and Lord
Is treasured
Beyond words

The page still blank
My mind is at rest
My heart is full
My hope is renewed
Ready now

I write Your words
Only what You say
I wait some more
Praise comes forth
Thank you.

Sweet time with You
Minutes of pleasure
Glorious delight arises
Feeling Your presence,
My Love.

Direction for the day
Comes smoothly
As Holy Spirit speaks
Comfort and grace
Love words.

I write now
Quickly and excitedly
Knowing new truths
Refreshing words
Pour out.

Thank You again.
I stop to read.
My heart is touched.
I have experienced anew,
True intimacy.

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