Posted by: Administrator | June 23, 2015

A Peaceful Place to Dwell

A  Peaceful Place to Dwell

(Growing Takes Time)

by Brenda D. Flowers



During my morning quiet time, I was praying and doing two way journaling. The following words I wrote in my journal as I listened to God’s message for me that day, May 25, 2015. These words I shared at our May Christian Writer’s Circle meeting. The ladies at that meeting encouraged me to post the words I shared with them. I pray these words encourage you too as you walk on your life journey to mature in Christ.


It is time to organize. As you do, think of Me. Prepare a peaceful place for me to dwell. Love well as I love through you. Speak the words I give you to say. Let the rain wash over your home and wash away the bitterness. Love me and I will love through you. Lean not on your thoughts but put full trust in Me. I Am. . . .


Refreshing Rain,

Refreshing rain poured down on me,

Washing away my doubts and fears.


Refreshing rain,

Poured down on me.

Bringing renewed hope for more years.


Growing takes time.

Nurturing takes work.

Loving is a verb, caring for the hurt.


Looking past the sins to the hearts of men.

Loving ‘til they feel Me.

I am the One they’ll see.


Glorious splendor, gracious God.

Powerful promise, redeeming Lord.

My Daddy in heaven, my Brother, my Friend.


O Happy Day! I am chosen to be His

I choose to enter that special place,

The Holy of holies, to commune with Him.


I rejoice. I am in Your presence there.





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