Posted by: Administrator | June 23, 2015

Early Morning Communion with God

Early Morning Communion with God

March 23, 2015

Prophetic Journaling

Cathy Weil

–Father, thank you for the gorgeous early morning display of stars.  I really, really enjoyed them!!!  I love You sooo much, Father, Son and Holy Ghost!!!  I thank you for getting me up early (4:30) so I can really be with You.  Thank you for all the precious times we’ve had all these years in the early mornings and other times too.  You are my all.  Thank you so much for being You.

++The vine is ripe, the dew is thick (I’m seeing grass loaded with dew) and that the grapes are dark, round and taut.  New wine is made from those who are crushed by the hands of iniquity.  Awake and see my saints marching to their death for My sake.    It is time to blow the trumpet.  The body must stand together under My Banner and occupy the land.  This is war!!!  Draw your “Swords” and shout them into the heavens!!!  My angels await My command.  Behold the Lamb of God at all times.  Gather in close to My Banner and edify one another.  Revive the faint of heart and encourage the young with stories of My power, goodness and Love.  Do not be deceived, do not fall back into a stupor, or you will be caught unaware.  Satan seeks to destroy you and yours.  Look to Me for all things.  These are the times they prophesied about long ago.  You have been trained.  Stand in the land I have given you!  Do not be distracted by the rising commotion around you.  It is meant to distract you from your true focus.  Remember I AM with you at all times.  We are one in this endeavor.  “IF GOD IS WITH YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST.” Xoxo, Jesus

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